Dr Thomlinson C of E Middle School Mission Statement

It is our purpose to provide a broad, balanced and relevant education which caters for the whole child in a secure and caring Christian environment.

We provide an education to all learners in order to enable them to achieve their full potential.

As individuals and as a community it is our aim to do our best.

Statement of Aims

We aim to:

  1. Base the whole life of the school upon Christian principles.
  2. Have an open and welcoming school for all pupils providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment where spiritual values and human relationships are nurtured.
  3. Pursue excellence in every aspect of school life.
  4. Encourage pupils to learn and acquire skills, concepts and positive attitudes, which will help them to develop spiritual values, self-understanding and sensitivity to others in accordance with Christian teaching.
  5. Be a focal point for the community in which there is a mutual sharing of expertise and resources for the benefit of all.

The Three River’s Learning Trust Vision

Our Goal

“To be amongst the very best Multi Academy Trusts in the country demonstrated by: outstanding teaching and leadership; school success; students who outperform; research based innovative practice; far reaching opportunities for students and employees; fulfilled staff; accomplished students and delighted parents; widespread recognition by others; a fully engaged community; a sustainable future; inclusion and equality for all; operational excellence and yet; striving for work-life balance.”

Our Mission

“To be an exciting, outward-looking learning community in which we show each individual that they matter and will be valued for their contribution to the world in which they live. We provide learning and enriching experiences to inspire, motivate, stretch and meet the needs of all learners. We encourage a lifelong love of learning to enable all to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to become confident communicators, resilient and responsible citizens, willing to accept responsibility and demonstrate qualities of leadership.”

Our Priorities

We have thought long and hard about our strategic priorities to achieve our vision

  • Raise achievement for all
  • Ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning
  • Provide the best possible curriculum and assessment procedures
  • Prioritise leadership and fully develop partnerships and opportunities beyond the Learning Trust
  • Ensure the sustainability of everything which we do
  • Give students outstanding support, guidance and enrichment opportunities as a foundation for their journey into further learning and the world of work.